Scalable remittance processing solution for in-house payment processing and for lockbox providers

To stay competitive, billers and lockbox processors need remittance processing solutions that can handle more types of work, with greater ease and efficiency than ever before. ExpertRPS is designed for remittance processors who need systems that can give them a decisive edge.

ExpertRPS is a fully-featured remittance processing system. It is web-enabled, transport independent and scalable. RP Solutions Inc. offers this product solution either as a turn-key solution for in house remittance processors and lockbox providers or configured for those customers, either in house or lockbox, who desire to support themselves. For these customers, ExpertRPS features a Graphical document set up tool and Jasper for producing reports and output files.

ExpertRPS Product Features Include:

  • PCI Compliance (NEW!)
  • Redaction
  • Mixed mail processing
  • Online bill pay check processing
  • Money order identification
  • Event driven email alerts
  • Graphical real-time system monitoring
  • Image orientation
  • Powerful forms processing features to handle different types of remittances, based upon image characteristics
  • A diverse tool set for reading MICR, OCR, Barcode, Omnifont OCR, Handprint ICR, and Mark Sense data
  • Check only MICR database
  • Change of address detection/processing
  • Full page capture, recognition, and data entry for check and list in retail and invoice processing for wholesale
  • Multiple-day processing
  • Cutoff and rollover
  • Work prioritization based on lockbox and job prioritization
  • Remote image capture, keying, archiving, and system administration

Compatible with Windows 7

Compatible with Windows 7ExpertRPS passed high standard tests of compatibility, reliability and performance with the Windows® 7 operating system. Microsoft's "Compatible with Windows 7" logo certification signifies that tested products install without worry and run reliably with Windows 7.

ExpertRPS Workflow

In a typical workflow, all payments are scanned during first pass data capture. Each payment is first evaluated for ACH eligibility. If eligible, the item is sorted for ACH/ARC processing, if not, it is then evaluated for image processing. If eligible, the image is included in an ICL file. Any items that do not meet ACH/ARC or ICL eligibility requirements continue as paper deposit and must next complete second pass encoding. In the end, assuming a client has elected to utilize all check clearing methods, ExpertRPS produces three sets of prepared payment bundles: ACH/ARC, ICL and paper.

ExpertRPS Workflow


Learn more about ExpertRPS. Click Here to see the brochure (pdf).