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NCR iTRAN 180e and 300e

The tradition of innovation continues.

NCR has a strong reputation for combining unmatched industry experience with a dedication to cutting-edge technology. NCR products routinely define new performance standards while offering effective solutions for a variety of customer needs. When only the best will do, an NCR item processing transport is the obvious choice and now the best is available to a whole new category of customers.


Entry-Level Excellence

The new iTRAN 180e and 300e transports are multipurpose transports that can be configured for a wide variety of item-processing applications. There are two models to choose from, the iTRAN 180e, rated at 180 documents per minute (dpm) and the iTRAN 300e, rated at 300 dpm. Each model offers maximum flexibility, efficiency, and reliability designed for the full range of low- to mid-volume processing situations. Both transports combine inspired innovation with technology perfected through decades of development including the industry-leading NCR 7780 and iTRAN 8000.

Applications for Multiple Environments

The iTRAN 180e and 300e are ideal for financial institutions, data centers, utilities, and other companies with low- to mid-volume daily check/remittance processing needs.

Supported applications include:

  • Low-speed reading/sorting
  • Image capture and proof: central, regional or distributed, including branch
  • Remittance processing: power encoding, read and key, from-the-envelope
  • Reject repair, ATM balancing, returned item processing
  • Microfilm replacement
  • Image archive and statements
  • Document sorting with magnetic ink/optical character recognition (MICR/OCR)
  • Check power encoding/endorsing
  • Image-based repass capture


Outstanding Reliability and Efficiency

From start to finish, the iTRAN 180e and 300e are built for efficiency and high-throughput performance. Their ergonomic design is ideal for operation and includes a low-fatigue hand-drop, adjustable flat, touch-screen monitor, and easy access to the entire track length, making it simple to perform maintenance, replace media, and clear jams. The design allows operators to handle routine repair and service tasks, and the document hopper can be refilled while the transport is running. All of these features mean your transport can keep working at maximum capacity with a minimum of downtime, day in and day out. Simply put, the iTRAN 180e and 300e offer the best performance-to-price ratio available, providing high-end power on an entry-level budget.

Flexible Today and Scalable Tomorrow

Business requirements are rarely static, so we designed the iTRAN 180e and 300e with a full complement of accessories and modular construction, allowing one machine to perform countless custom functions its open architecture gives you unparalleled flexibility to combine software applications from both NCR and its Solution Partners. Optional equipment can be added to increase the functionality and you can upgrade to a higher speed on-site all with minimal disruption to your productivity.

Preparing Your Bank for the Check 21 Processing Environment and Beyond

The iTRAN 180e's and 300e's capabilities allow your bank to go beyond compliance with Check 21 legislation. Take advantage of the future-check image exchange and truncation, by creating and processing high quality images using the latest in image capture technology and quality assessment tests.

Features and Benefits

The iTRAN 180e and 300e are easy to install, configure, and operate, and their abundant features provide superior processing power and incredible flexibility. Greater accessibility, faster recoveries, lower costs, and improved performance are only the beginning.

Workstation and Operator Interface

Efficient design not only ensures optimal performance by mechanical components, but it also allows operators greater productivity with less effort. Controls and access points are arranged for easy use from a seated position, and ergonomic features include a padded armrest for the hand-drop, 17-inch swiveling flat-screen monitor, mobile transport controller keyboard, and an optional touch-screen monitor and item processing (IP) keyboard. An optional Journal Printer creates real-time audit reports, while the Transport Controller PC is Windows-based for simple integration with other business systems, and the user-friendly NCR WiseIP middleware.

Document Feeding

The main Automatic Document Feeder holds up to 1200 documents, detects misfeeds and double feeds, and can be refilled during operation. The operator can add individual documents, rescued misfeeds or rejects, and other documents with the hand-drop, and the 150-document merge hopper allows the transport to insert batch separators, headers, trailers, cutslips, or other control documents. The iTRAN 180e and 300e are designed for continuous operation, with an open track for instant jam clearing, quick-release access to each module for document removal, and simplified replacement of key parts and media without a service call.


The iTRAN 180e and 300e offer capabilities for:

  • MICR
  • Dual MICR
  • OCR
  • MICR/OCR combinations

A standard single-line, dual-font (E13B or CMC7) MICR reader can be configured for best-read character recognition based on customer applications, and an optional dual-line MICR reader enables automatic reject repair and verification. An OCR reader can be added with software ensuring optimal accuracy through full gray-scale scanning of images with up to three lines of characters in 10 different fonts.

Enhanced Codeline Recognition (ECR)

Optional ECR software uses advanced algorithms to compare MICR and OCR E13B codeline results and reduce reject and misread rates. ECR greatly enhances codeline readability and reduces the need for data completion.


The latest optics and electronics allow the iTRAN 180e and 300e to reduce operator intervention, expedite processing, and create useful archives of image items. A single camera captures images in one pass, using black-and-white (CCITT, 200 dpi) and grayscale compression formats (JPEG, 100 or 200 dpi) at full track speed. Image quality in both formats is superb, and resolution and file size can be optimized for each application. The Image Lift module is available with front-only or front-and-rear imaging, OCR software, and a red filter to block signatures and backgrounds. The LED illumination lamp reduces heat and noise and does not require replacing.

Image capture can occur upstream during reading, downstream after encoding and endorsing, or both. Upstream capture enables real-time recognition processing (CAR/OCR), while fully processed items can be archived via downstream capture.


The iTRAN 180e and 300e can be equipped with a Low-Speed Encoder, which can encode 100 documents per minute, printing up to 45 characters per document. This lower-cost, low-noise option is perfect for applications that depend on operator oversight or areas where excess noise can be problematic.

A High-Speed Encoder, available with the iTRAN 300e only, can handle especially heavy workloads, imprinting up to 300 documents per minute with built-in sensors to detect jams and damaged documents. For applications that do not include encoding, such as reader/sorter processing, you can order a stager instead of the encoder.

Low Speed Endorser

The Low-Speed dot-matrix endorser (available for both the iTRAN 180e and 300e) processes up to 230 dpm with two endorsement lines. Logo and bank stamp endorsing are also available, via a rear roll-on stamp.

MICR Verifying

Included with the downstream imaging module, the MICR reader reads the MICR line of encoded items and enables the application to verify encoder print quality and checks MICR data for mismatched characters and rejects.


Every iTRAN 180e or 300e requires at least one Pocket Module with 4 pockets. A single transport can accommodate up to 10 modules for a total of 40 pockets. Pockets have sensors that automatically detect pocketing errors and indicate when pockets are completely full or empty, and include a one-touch application restart function. The iTRAN 300e can also read and sort 500 dpm.


NCR's WiseIP (Windows Integrated Services Environment for Item Processing) comes standard with the iTRAN 180e and 300e, providing a common toolset and transport interface to simplify the application development process. Operators will enjoy an intuitive interface in a Windows environment. Numerous applications are available from NCR and its many Solutions Partners, including image POD, reject repair, remittance processing, and more. Please contact your NCR representative or an authorized NCR partner for details.

On-Site Upgrades

The iTRAN 180e can be upgraded to 300 dpm, and both transports can be enhanced to process 500 dpm on-site. This allows customers to start with a low-cost option and upgrade as processing volumes increase or business requirements change.

NCR iTRAN 180e Check Scanner

Learn more about NCR’s iTRAN 180e and 300e. Click Here for the brochure (pdf).