Mixed Mail Processing

Mixed mail processing eliminates manual pre-sorting and is a key component of a digital mailroom solution

Incoming mail can be scanned without labor-intensive presorting thanks to mixed mail processing which automatically identifies and splits mail into different document and transaction types. It accommodates all manner of incoming mail including correspondence letters, remittance payments, invoices, applications and more. In a digital mailroom solution, the mail's content is then routed electronically to the appropriate next step within your business - be it a department, an individual, a repository, a back-end application or a customized business workflow.

Mixed mail processing is a new feature now available with RP Solutions' ExpertRPS remittance processing solution. In addition to dramatically reducing operational costs, automating a mailroom improves efficiency, accuracy, data security, customer service and market competiveness.

How Does Mixed Mail Processing Work?

Operations may have dozens of presort requirements including lines of business, checks-only, coupons-only, singles, multis, even pays, odd pays, correspondence, exception mail, full page invoices, etc. Mixed mail processing allows work to flow directly from opening to scanning without any intermediate prep work. Using advanced recognition techniques and complex analysis algorithms, ExpertRPS determines each document's type. There could be hundreds of possible document types, so it analyzes many attributes: Does it contain a logo, a barcode, a MICR line, a keyword phrase? What is the size of the document? Is there hand-written text in a certain field?

What is a Digital Mailroom?

All inbound communications are scanned upon receipt (not including magazines, packages, bulk mail and the like). Once ExpertRPS characterizes each document, it knows exactly what information to extract and which business process, or workflow, to initiate. No more misidentified, misrouted or misplaced documents.

Countless down-stream workflows can be customized. For example, the system may create and transfer a data file to an existing business application such as an ECM, accounting or archive system. A piece of mail may trigger an email alert. Select items may be routed to a department such as human resources, purchasing or customer service. Payments may be directed to a remittance operator for transaction balancing or data entry. If data lookup is required, ExpertRPS provides a realtime interface with a corporate database.


Mixed Mail Processing

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