• Cloud-Based

    Secure transaction processingRobust transaction processing that can be rapidly implemented, is scalable, secure and easy to manage.
  • Remittance

    Streamline receivables processingAccelerate payment posting and cash in the bank by automating critical payment processing functions.
  • Mobile

    Accept Payments Anytime, AnywhereArm your team in the field with a mobile app to accept credit card and check payments from customers.
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Transaction Processing Services (TPS) is a cloud-based payment processing platform with configurable workflows, AR integration options, transaction clearing, reporting and image archive. The TPS Platform provides the underlying infrastructure for RP Solutions' payment acceptance solutions including TPS Remittance, TPS Cashier, TPS Mobile and TPS ATM.

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remittance processing solutions

TPS Remittance

Automate critical remittance functions for mailed-in payments using a single platform for wholesale and retail payments.

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mobile payment capture application

TPS Mobile Payment Acceptance

Gain flexibility of anytime, anywhere payment acceptance and accelerate funds in the bank by deploying a mobile app to your field employees and satellite offices.

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cashiering solution

TPS Cashier

Enable straight through processing for walk-in payments - cash, check and credit card. Integrates with your systems for account validation and posting.

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Industry Solutions

Our business solutions help organizations accelerate receivables and expand payment acceptance options.

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  • Insurance Companies +

    Process and consolidate premium payments accepted through the mail and collected by sales agents in the field.
  • City and County Governments +

    Efficiently process mailed-in and front counter payments for taxes, license fees, renewals, registrations and utility bills.
  • Utility Companies +

    Use a remittance solution to streamline payments and deploy an integrated cashier solution for straight through posting.
  • Charitable Organizations +

    Accept check and card donations at fundraising events with a mobile app, as well as efficiently process mailed-in donations.
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About RP Solutions

RP Solutions delivers remittance and payment acceptance solutions, via cloud-based services, to optimize payment collection and cash posting.

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